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Re: accessibility of your site

Hi Lilly

El 28/06/17 a las 14:45, Lilly Ray escribió:
> Hi,
> Just following up as I didn't hear back from you, sorry to email you
> again. I noticed your website page [wiki.debian.org/IRC/debian-meeting
> <http://wiki.debian.org/IRC/debian-meeting>] links to timeanddate.com
> <http://timeanddate.com> from "meeting planner". Unfortunately, that
> site isn't very accessible for the sight impaired. Would you consider
> adding a link to a more accessible version like
> [http://www.thetimenow.com/meeting-planner.php] which is WCAG 2.0
> compatible?

Thanks for your report. I've just changed the URL in that link to the
one that you propose.

> Also, if you ever want to see how accessible a page is, I recommend
> wave.webaim.org <http://wave.webaim.org>. It is really helpful.

Thanks for your recommendation, it's very appreciated.

Best regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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