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Re: Interview With Debian GSoC Winners 2016 - itsfoss.com

Hi Shirish

El 05/02/17 a las 13:27, shirish शिरीष escribió:

>> I actually want to do a post about Outreachy as well. While
>> researching on GSoC discovered outreachy in some ways could be better,
>> as IIUIC  then while GSoC happens once a year, Outreachy is a year
>> long activity.
>> Now if the above is true, then it happens 2-3 times a year, how many
>> students took part in Outreachy in Debian, under Debian mentors
>> tutelage ?

In Outreachy (before than that, Outreach Program for Women or OPW),
there are several rounds each year, but a difference between Outreachy
and GSoC is that for GSoC, Google covers the payment of the interns,
but for Outreachy, the organization (in this case, Debian), has to
cover the payment. So our participation depends (mainly) on Debian
funding, Debian's will to invest funds in this, and availability of
mentors. I think that the number of Outreach interns to accept is
discussed+decided together with the DPL each round.

>> IIUIC, then outreachy is more expansive as it deals with both coding
>> as well as non-coding tasks too. Things like documentation would be
>> covered would come under Outreachy.

Yes. Another difference between GSoC and Outreachy is that GSoC is
aimed to University students, and Outreachy is aimed to any person of
underrepresented minorities in the software communities (no need to be

>> If you can share some URI/URL where I could find more stats about
>> Debian's involvement with Outreachy would be highly obliged.

I don't track stats but I *think* we published a blogpost for each
time Debian participated in any OPW or Outreachy round. So all the
info should be here:



>> I do know about the debian-outreach mailing list, the content though
>> is scattered.
>> https://lists.debian.org/debian-outreach/

I'm subscribed :)

>> The only person I came to know who's doing something in Outreach is
>> Urvika Gola and that too because she puts up blog posts which are
>> pulled in via p.d.o.

We just published a blogpost about our current 3 outreachy interns,
Urvika, Maria and Elisabeth:


>> If I can get some more background information and people who were part
>> of Outreachy and Debian's contributions in it (getting more students
>> and mentors together) would make another post for Outreachy too.

Searching for "Outreachy" and "OPW" in wiki.debian.org should give you
the wiki pages of former rounds; however, I'm not sure the *accepted*
applicants are shown there. You can cross that info with the one in
the blogposts in bits.debian.org and then figure out, probably.

>> If there are any concrete plans of expanding/having more mentors for
>> Outreachy too, please share that as well so will be able to share more
>> of that.

I think that the correct places to look/listen for news about that are
the #debian-outreach IRC channel and the debian-outreach mailing list.

>> Looking forward to learning more.
> I had actually asked this precise question in debian-outreach too. See -
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-outreach/2017/01/msg00004.html
> But didn't get any feedback :(

As you can figure out from this mail, gathering the info together
requires some amount of work. In my case, I usually struggle between
dedicating my Debian time to these kind of research to get material to
publish more "dense" (and maybe more interesting) blogposts (for
example in bits.debian.org), or dedicating my Debian time to catch up
with pending tasks. Usually the second option wins, to try to "close"
some fronts before opening a new one... I guess many people in Debian
face a similar situation, and probably the Outreach Team friends are
quite busy these weeks planning GSoC, putting time in the Debian
booths at events, or whatever they have in their TODO.

In any case, if you can and you like to put time on this, with the
pointers I gave or your own research, you are very welcome. Don't
hesitate to contact us (publicity team) if you think the "material"
you draft is worth for a post in bits.debian.org: we can finish it
together and publish it under your name in the Debian blog.

Best regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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