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Re: Draft for Debian Project News: Free FPGA programming with Debian

Hi Laura,

On 03/09/16 16:51, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
> Hi Steffen
> Thanks for the quick feedback.
Well, you are the quick one :o)
> El 03/09/16 a las 13:42, Steffen Möller escribió:
> [...]
>> I had a look. Thank you for the links to the packages. The important page
>> is the wiki.debian.org/FPGA/Lattice one, though. I would not mind if there
>> are fewer distractive links on the page but it is fine to have them.
> I've removed the links to the packages, and changed their names to
> bold. I agree with you that the wiki page includes all the important info.
It looks nice. Many thanks.
>> That said,
>> if you all could have a look on that wiki.d.o/FPGA/Lattice one and
>> correct any
>> unfortunate mishaps, then this would certainly help the overall
>> impression that
>> Debian is making on the FPGA community. 
> I've fixed some small typos, but I don't know much about the topic...
> Hopefully in these days, and after publishing the blog post, the page
> gets more contributions :
Thank you.
> )
> Also, I had prepared some
>> introducing
>> thoughts on wiki.d.o/FPGA that may be worthwhile to experience a linguistic
>> checkup, too - as your time/curiosity permits.
More thanks.
> I've linked to it at the beginning of the article.
> For a linguistic review of this and the Lattice pages, you can send a
> mail to debian-l10n-english@lists.debian.org and native speakers will
> hopefully have a look at it.
>> The funny part is that neither the maintainer nor me want any visibility for
>> ourselves. It is only the work that counts. It is perfectly fine to
>> mention Debian
>> Science, though. So, he/she does not matter.
> [...]
>> Please remove the personal information on Ruben and myself from the
>> announcement and I will send an informative PNG - will just need to wait
>> for about a week until I am back from my travel.
> Ok, updated that line.
> Now the post looks like this:
> https://bits.debian.org/drafts/fpga-programming-debian.html
I like it.
> Two more small questions:
> Do you want to appear as the author of the post?
Can do. But I would not mind if you took over.
> and
> Would you mind to review the last sentence?
> "We hope this effort to support the FPGA community to collect..."
> I don't understand it very well, maybe it is "We hope this effort will
> support the FPGA community to collect..."?
This is something for the native folks, I presume. The "to support" was
meant to be read like "We hope the sun to shine". One could also say "We
hope the sun shines" or "will shine" but then this shall have an effect
also on the downstream parts of the sentence.

At about the same level of nit picking you could help the with
underlying a hyperlink to
[Debian Science](https://blends.debian.org/science/tasks/).  And
rereading the sentence,
the folks unfamiliar with how Debian works may mistake us with upstream.
I hence propose to reformulate as

"The packages have been contributed by the [Debian
Science](https://blends.debian.org/science/tasks/) team."

Thank you tons


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