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draft blog post about DebConf17 organization starting

Dear all
I've committed a *draft* for a blog post, to be published on Monday
European morning, about DebConf17 organization started:


It has 3 basic ideas:

* Proposing speakers
* Contacting sponsors
* Join the team

(I know there are much more things going on as the vote for the logo,
childcare organisation and other, but I tried to make it simple).

Please have a look at it and fix/improve it as you see fit.

If during the weekend the DebConf17 website is up, we'll include a
link to it. If not, no problem, we can microblog it when it's ready.

I'm not sure if the sponsorship flyer/brochure are ready for linking
to them. If not, we can just leave the "contact the fundraising team"
(please confirm that sponsors@debconf.org is ok as contact mail, not
sure if the link to RT is already fixed/removed).

All Debian Developers can commit directly to the bits repo in git:


if you can't, you can send patches or comments to the -publicity
mailing list or ping me and I'll commit them.

Best regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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