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Re: Draft for Debian Project News: Free FPGA programming with Debian

Hi Steffen
Thanks for the quick feedback.

El 03/09/16 a las 13:42, Steffen Möller escribió:

> I had a look. Thank you for the links to the packages. The important page
> is the wiki.debian.org/FPGA/Lattice one, though. I would not mind if there
> are fewer distractive links on the page but it is fine to have them.

I've removed the links to the packages, and changed their names to
bold. I agree with you that the wiki page includes all the important info.

> That said,
> if you all could have a look on that wiki.d.o/FPGA/Lattice one and
> correct any
> unfortunate mishaps, then this would certainly help the overall
> impression that
> Debian is making on the FPGA community. 

I've fixed some small typos, but I don't know much about the topic...
Hopefully in these days, and after publishing the blog post, the page
gets more contributions :)

Also, I had prepared some
> introducing
> thoughts on wiki.d.o/FPGA that may be worthwhile to experience a linguistic
> checkup, too - as your time/curiosity permits.

I've linked to it at the beginning of the article.

For a linguistic review of this and the Lattice pages, you can send a
mail to debian-l10n-english@lists.debian.org and native speakers will
hopefully have a look at it.

> The funny part is that neither the maintainer nor me want any visibility for
> ourselves. It is only the work that counts. It is perfectly fine to
> mention Debian
> Science, though. So, he/she does not matter.


> Please remove the personal information on Ruben and myself from the
> announcement and I will send an informative PNG - will just need to wait
> for about a week until I am back from my travel.

Ok, updated that line.

Now the post looks like this:


Two more small questions:

Do you want to appear as the author of the post?
Would you mind to review the last sentence?

"We hope this effort to support the FPGA community to collect..."
I don't understand it very well, maybe it is "We hope this effort will
support the FPGA community to collect..."?

Best regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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