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Re: Tourism and Videos of Debconf

Hi Shirish

El 25/05/16 a las 18:06, shirish शिरीष escribió:
Hi all,

Would be slightly longer read hence have your leg up or drink coffee
or something stronger so you are awake for the whole read :)

I read the http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-publicity/2016/debian-publicity.2016-05-23-20.30.log.html
(had planned to be there but RL - Real Life took over hence wasn't
able to come.)

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to join next time. Meetings are announced in the IRC channel and the mailing list.

lajorna, while I do understand your apprehension of people thinking of
Debconf's as a vacation place, I *think* it partly is true and partly
not. People are naturally curious when going to a different country
and would more or less wanna compare with things back home for e.g.

IMO the best approach here is that DebConf attenders publish in their blogs, and we can promote some of those posts with microblogging as we do for other posts via planet.debian.org, or later a summary in the DPN.


On another note, I had some discussions with debconf-video on their
mailing list and it seemed that they themselves undervalue the service
they provide. They say and I paraphrase a bit here 'most talks are
status updates' and while that maybe partly true, each talk and video
is a representation of the Debian-project as a whole which I feel we
clearly fail to market.

As we talked in the publicity team meeting, it would be nice to highlight some (if not all) events of the schedule, linking to the live streaming URL. I hope I can prepare a proposal for the coverage in advance, and any help is welcome. Coordination can be done in the #debian-publicity channel and/or with a "filler" or "ideas" file, in a similar way as we do for the live coverage of releases.

As shared, I'm on visa-watch atm, if that clears, then I hope to do
some reporting, some blog-posting from the event. One of the ideas is
to interview this year's organizing team as well as next year bidders
as to what value they feel they get out of hosting debconf for their
university, their country apart from other questions.

That would be nice!

If there are any specific thoughts about what you or debian-publicity
would like as a whole from debconf (think aloud), maybe I could work
that in the blog posts or at the very least would be available to all
the people who subscribe to the mailing lists so at least some of the
objectives might be met.

I'll keep informed both debian-publicity and debconf-team when I have a more specific proposal. Thanks for your ideas and your availability to work on DebConf coverage!

Best regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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