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Tourism and Videos of Debconf

Hi all,

Would be slightly longer read hence have your leg up or drink coffee
or something stronger so you are awake for the whole read :)

I read the http://meetbot.debian.net/debian-publicity/2016/debian-publicity.2016-05-23-20.30.log.html
(had planned to be there but RL - Real Life took over hence wasn't
able to come.)

lajorna, while I do understand your apprehension of people thinking of
Debconf's as a vacation place, I *think* it partly is true and partly
not. People are naturally curious when going to a different country
and would more or less wanna compare with things back home for e.g.

Probably a bit of naive thinking here, but if a country just wants to
be touristy, they could tell/share about cheap flights, cheap hotels,
have more people for visa clearing just making sure that no criminal
or/and terrorists, overstayers (which probably is more tricky to
evaluate) are on flights and you will have that.

On another note, I had some discussions with debconf-video on their
mailing list and it seemed that they themselves undervalue the service
they provide. They say and I paraphrase a bit here 'most talks are
status updates' and while that maybe partly true, each talk and video
is a representation of the Debian-project as a whole which I feel we
clearly fail to market. For instance, the citizenfour talk which was
there last year, I feel we could have had much more support from the
external community as privacy is on the radar of more individuals,
startups, companies etc. Our failure to seize that meant people who
are not aware of Debian as a project accomplishments were left unaware
of that important contribution. I myself became aware only because I
was trawling the meetings-archive site looking for good videos to know
what happened on debconf 15.

I don't know the answer here, just stating the obvious I guess.

As shared, I'm on visa-watch atm, if that clears, then I hope to do
some reporting, some blog-posting from the event. One of the ideas is
to interview this year's organizing team as well as next year bidders
as to what value they feel they get out of hosting debconf for their
university, their country apart from other questions.

If there are any specific thoughts about what you or debian-publicity
would like as a whole from debconf (think aloud), maybe I could work
that in the blog posts or at the very least would be available to all
the people who subscribe to the mailing lists so at least some of the
objectives might be met.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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