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Re: Publicity team revamp of the DPN

On 09/27/2015 11:00 AM, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
> Internal News/Happenings: New Contributors: List and links to new
> members of the project. *Upcoming Events: Bug Squashing Parties,
> miniDebConfs, events of interest to the community. This day in
> Debian: Link to something from the Time-line (sneak in a request to
> help with the time-line). How to contribute: Links to our own how
> to contribute page. Work needing packages. Projects that need
> help.
> I'd add a link to https://contributors.debian.org. Not sure if here or
> up in the section about new members. I'll try to come with a specific
> "one line proposal" but everybody is invited to be faster than me.
I think we agree here, for placement see comments below.
>> More than just code: (the fun section?)
> mmm All Debian (and DPN) is more than just code. I know what you mean,
> but if this section needs to have a published "name", I would try to
> find a different one.
It is only a working title, I am open to suggestions. :) 
> Tips and tricks: Section which gives tips and tricks to users from
> various members within Debian. Interesting software: The NNWP
> section. We now would list a smaller amount of the packages 5-10?
> and expand/blurb 1 of them. Debian in the news: Outside news that
> we did not report, or favorable news from outside about the
> project. Debian in the field [Credit to Bernelle Verseter] Pieces
> about Debian in use in the world. This may be moved to bits.d.o
> I agree to publish "Debian in the Field" posts in bits.debian.org.
> About this specific kind of posts, I'm working together with Bernelle
> and will try to show a draft/proposal in the next days.
> We could add a line at the end of this section deriving to the blog:
> "Follow the Debian blog [https://bits.debian.org] for "Debian in the
> Field" experiences and other detailed news.
Yes and the updated footer should also contain this information/links. 
> Linux: Things that will effect the community or are on the horizon
> in Linux.
> If this section needs to have a published "name", I would try to find
> a different one, because we have kfreebsd and hurd and maybe news
> affecting other aspects not related to the operating system (open
> standards, etc).

How about "Outside News"?
> We could add a line at the end of each DPN:
> "Follow the @debian account in social networks
> ([http://identi.ca/debian] in Pump.io, or its mirrors in other
> networks) for other (microblogging) updates about the Debian project."
Yes. We should certainly aware our readers of all the other avenues for
media and outreach that we will be using and pushing more information to
so that they can pick and choose from where to get their news and
information. The tail end of the newsletter should be changed to reflect
>> The removal of the Security Advisories which are felt at this time
>> to be somewhat redundant considering that most administrators
>> either subscribe to the security list and/or patch and update their
>> forward facing systems on a daily basis.
> We need a line explaining this in the firsts DPN issues when we don't
> ship the security advisories (first 3 issues, maybe?), maybe providing
> link to the RSS https://www.debian.org/security/dsa ?

I like both of these ideas. Perhaps with the first new issue we as well
start off with a small paragraph about the new format going forward and
mention the other avenues we will be using, etc.
> With my "Welcome team" hat, I can provide "Call for helps" specific
> tailored for newcomers (after checking with the corresponding teams
> that there are people available to actually mentor the newcomers).
> See proposal for next issue here:
> http://lacaja.larjona.net/shared/3GYwpYBNCo22iArsMLdiPp4Jb6Lk-dPKx6_eEx-IWwe
I think it would be a good idea to also link to the newcomer tag. Would
we combine this section along with the wnp section?

[How to Contribute]
*Calls for help
*Newcomer tag
*Work needing packages
*Link to https://contributors.debian.org showing active contributors
Which would consolidate those areas into one specific spot on the
newsletter which lays out the many areas that people new or experienced
can find and then contribute as well as give easier entry paths.

I created an extremely rough template:  en/reviseddpn.wml

Best regards,


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