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Publicity team revamp of the DPN

Hello Everyone,

We've been talking recently about a new format for the DPN newsletter,
streamlining the process, and a shift of some items from the newsletter
and onto the blog.

The DPN is not published weekly or bi-weekly but instead more on a
monthly basis, we do need some changes to address this for a faster
turn-around and to address where the information we share is presented.

We find that by the time the new issue is presented it is already out of
date with the information that our readers can gather by reading the
mail-lists or idling in one of the many Debian IRC channels. While this
does not distract from the DPN as an archive of project news and events,
it does remove its ability to report and share information in a timely

Below are two versions of the DPN newsletter, the first is the current
format that we have been using for quite some time with the second as a
new proposed version of the newsletter.

The proposed version should allow a faster publication time for the
newsletter as we will have shifted some of the more dynamic items
directly to other sources of media like identi.ca and our blog so that
we are able to avoid the publication time delays which make the news
items post-reported or no longer relevant events.


Our current format loosely adheres to the following layout. (Items with
a * are not consistent between issues.)

Current DPN

	Debian internal project updates on anything inside the project.
	LTS reports.
	Interviews with Debian Developers. These seem to be externally sourced
and linked to.
*What Do You Do?:
	Recently added section which asks another team what they do and what
they work on.
Tips and Tricks:
	Recently added section which gives tips and tricks to users from
various members within Debian.
*Bits from foo.d.o:
	Bits from a team or the DPL.
Other News:
	Items that are not placed into a report. Consider these to be miniature
announcements/ or internal news items.
	Bug Squashing Parties, miniDebConf, Debian events of interest to the
New Contributors:
	List and links to new members of the project.
Security Advisories
	DSA security advisories for packages which have security concerns.
New and Noteworthy packages:
	List of 10-20 packages that are new in unstable.
Work Needing Packages:
	Packages that are abandoned or that need help. This is an easy access
point into Debian for new contributors.
Want to continue reading?
	Publicity team information and request for users to help and get involved.


Proposed DPN

	General news and internal reports.
	Path To (goal) Reports:  LTS and Reproducible Build status/updates.
	*Closing for release (list of X items on the path to next release).

Internal News/Happenings:
	New Contributors:
		List and links to new members of the project.
	*Upcoming Events:
		Bug Squashing Parties, miniDebConfs, events of interest to the community.
	This day in Debian:
		Link to something from the Time-line (sneak in a request to help with
the time-line).
	How to contribute:
		Links to our own how to contribute page.
		Work needing packages.
		Projects that need help.
More than just code: (the fun section?)
	Tips and tricks:
		Section which gives tips and tricks to users from various members
within Debian.
	Interesting software:
		The NNWP section. We now would list a smaller amount of the packages
5-10? and expand/blurb 1 of them.
	Debian in the news:
		Outside news that we did not report, or favorable news from outside
about the project.
	Debian in the field [Credit to Bernelle Verseter]
		Pieces about Debian in use in the world. This may be moved to bits.d.o

	Things that will effect the community or are on the horizon in Linux.


The intention of the changes/Changes being made:

Our workflow for content import has been a TODO file which is a
collection of links used for the newsletter. Editors browse the TODO
file, follow one of the links, and summarize the linked page or
information into the issue. This method works well for a group however
it does have its faults in that links may just be placed there to fill
the newsletter, or we may over-report a topic, or the links become dated
by the time someone is able to author a summary. To address those issues
we are changing the name of the TODO file to IDEAS. The concept is the
same but now allows editors to pick a few items from the list, summarize
them,  and allow the issue itself to be published quickly as we no
longer have to wait for the entire TODO file to be be completed.

We will shift some of the more dynamic content to other avenues of media
that we have access to such as identi.ca and the Debian blog such as the
recent What Do You Do (WDYD) section and once it comes to fruition from
the planning stages the new 'Debian in the Field' (DTF) section.

The removal of the Security Advisories which are felt at this time to be
somewhat redundant considering that most administrators either subscribe
to the security list and/or patch and update their forward facing
systems on a daily basis.

The newer format of the proposed Report section allows us to report on
long term or immediate working goals in a dedicated section rather than
having pieces of those updates and information split throughout a single
newsletter issue. We could also move this section down considering that
while the information is newer, it is actually an updated progress report.

'Internal News' replaces the 'Other News' which focused on internal news
items and tidbits that were not reports. This name change is a subtle
shift to report actual news in this section rather than items that
simply were not in the reports section.

The 'How to Contribute' section offers a few easy pathways for
prospective contributors to enter the project. Inside of it the
'Projects that need help' section, if adopted, could put help requests
in a public setting rather than the normal requests for help buried at
the bottom of an email or hidden inside a Bits report. We would need to
inform the other teams that they can ask/place requests here.

The Linux section could link to or blurb about a Debian derivative,
Software or Policy adoption in another Distribution that is visible in
Linux and may come to Debian or the adoption of something Debian does in
another Distribution. This section would allow us to fill out the
newsletter by way of our own request for information in the what you
should send section of the How To Contribute page[1].


And now, let us discuss!

Best Regards,


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