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About DebConf Publicity

Dear all

* The Debian Publicity Team has a meeting next Monday
* DebConf16 preparation has already started
* I've been involved in DebConf15 publicity tasks
* I'm planning to be involved in DebConf16 publicity tasks
* Even counting the accumulated experience (or maybe because of that),
I'd encourage other people to get involved too (because it's easy and
fun, and because I cannot cover the whole task).

I've written up a summary of the tasks and aspects I find important,
that may help other people to jump in DebConf16 publicity with me, or
help me to do better this year:


The doc is not finished (I need to review the DebConf wiki and last
years publicity outputs to finish my write-up and then maybe move the
document to some Debian place), but I'm sharing with you for the case
you want to discuss something in next Publicity or DebConf meetings, or
find the task interesting and would like to accomplish it in team with
me (I'd appreciate very much to have a teammate for DebConf publicity),
or have some other ideas.

Laura Arjona

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