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Bug#782836: Debian Edu Jessie Beta 1 should be mentioned

package: release-notes
tags: + patch
x-debbugs-cc: debian-edu@lists.debian.org, debian-publicity@lists.debian.org


please include the following patch to the release-notes. I also assume this is 
a nice information for the planned live-denting...

<section id="debian-edu">
    <title>News from Debian Edu Blend</title>
The Debian Edu / Skolelinux project is proud to announce the first Beta 
release of Debian Edu based on Debian Jessie. For the first time Debian Edu is 
only made up out of packages from the main Debian archive, thus the Debian Edu 
team was able to drop their own package repository.

Debian Edu provides an out-of-the box environment for a completely configured 
school network. To ease installation and maintainance the comprehensive
<ulink url="https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Jessie";> Debian 
Edu Jessie manual</ulink> has been translated into in seven languages.

An overview of educational software packages included in Debian Edu is 
provided by the <ulink url="http://blends.debian.org/edu/tasks";>Debian Edu 
task pages</ulink> - though any Debian package is just an apt-get install 

Our current plan is to release Debian Edu Jessie with the first Debian Jessie 
pointrelease. Please consider reporting feedback to make this happen!

Thanks for maintaining the release-notes!


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