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[Q] please consider to publish press release for new security mirror for Asia Pacific region

Hi publicy team,

 Recently new security mirror for Asia Pacific region was out, as
 @debian tweeted. https://twitter.com/debian/status/540451300203589632

 As a coordinator for this, I want to ask you to publish press release
 for it from Debian. I've prepared draft as below, please tell me
 how to make it happen.

 - Probably some grammar lots mistakes are there, please fix it
 - not acked from Sakura Internet yet, so please wait a bit...

New Debian archive security mirror for Asia/Pacific region

 The Debian Project is pleased to announce that the new host behind "security.debian.org" has recently been placed in Japan, with the help of SAKURA Internet, Inc.

 This hardware and hosting donation will allow the Debian Systems Administration (DSA) team to improve Debian's core service: providing security mirror archive for Asia/Pacific region and it also would led decentralized and stable security mirror access for whole world.

"(comment)" said (someone DSA), a member of the Debian System Administrator team. 

“Our mission is contribute to make more amazing and creative future with the Internet happen, through providing Data Center service that opens up new possibilities for people and their business.“ says (someone at Sakura) from SAKURA Internet.

About SAKURA Internet
SAKURA Internet, Inc (3778:Tokyo) is a leading independent Internet Data Center service provider of Japan. The company engages in the provision of Internet services since 1996 and has many customers and users through offering server rental services, hosting, VPS, and data center services including Cloud Computing.

Learn more about SAKURA’s newest Data Center at http://ishikari.sakura.ad.jp/index_eng.html

About Debian
The Debian Project was founded in 1993 by Ian Murdock to be a truly free community project. Since then the project has grown to be one of the largest and most influential open source projects. Thousands of volunteers from all over the world work together to create and maintain Debian software. Available in 70 languages, and supporting a huge range of computer types, Debian calls itself the "universal operating system".
Contact Information

For further information, please visit the Debian web pages at https://www.debian.org/ or send mail to <press@debian.org>.

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