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Re: Bits from the Publicity Team

Hi Ana,

[I'm recovering slowly from vacation backlog]

On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 07:28:11AM +0100, Ana Guerrero Lopez wrote:
> First of all, your post was perfectly formatted :) I won't publish it 
> because as you mentioned, it has been already published in plenty of 
> other places (d-d-a, blogpost in planet) and it has probably already
> arrived to the intended audience. The text is a report and it doesn't
> fit the bits.d.o style that's usually less information, highlighting
> a few things and giving hints to where find more.

> What I would love publishing is a more general blog post about what 
> is Debian Med, what you have done so far, what are your plans for Jessie 
> and in the near future and how to join you. You could see it as a recruiting
> post for both users and developers. What do you think?

I'll put this on my todo list.  Perhaps something which might be a
target for the publicity team is a paper we prepared for a heath care
journal but these guys never responded afte we finished the text which
is IMHO quite well written and proof read by native speakers:


There is another short news item about a scientific publication with
heavy involvement of Debian Med:


What would you consider the best way to publish this in the Debian

Kind regards



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