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Re: [Q] please consider to publish press release for new security mirror for Asia Pacific region

On Sat, Dec 6, 2014 at 12:44 PM, Hideki Yamane wrote:

>  Recently new security mirror for Asia Pacific region was out, as
>  @debian tweeted. https://twitter.com/debian/status/540451300203589632

FYI that is not an official Debian social media account, the official
post is here:


>  As a coordinator for this, I want to ask you to publish press release
>  for it from Debian. I've prepared draft as below, please tell me
>  how to make it happen.

As per our workflow, I have committed your draft to SVN, please make
changes there:


> New Debian archive security mirror for Asia/Pacific region

Just an FYI, the mirror is only for Asia, not Asia/Pacific:


Fixed in SVN

> "(comment)" said (someone DSA), a member of the Debian System Administrator team.

Please contact DSA folks for a quote.

> “Our mission is contribute to make more amazing and creative future with the Internet happen, through providing Data Center service that opens up new possibilities for people and their business.“ says (someone at Sakura) from SAKURA Internet.

I think we would prefer this quote to mention Debian in some way? It
should also be attributed to a specific person from Sakura.



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