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Re: Making Debian users more visible

On Monday 14 July 2014 13:16:18 Silvia Frank wrote:
> Ah ok, this makes even small changes intricate. So maybe for the first
> it is the easiest to put at the start site a link "Debian deployments"
> or "Debian users" which goes to:

I think there are discussions in the archive about what to include on the main 
page, but opinions may have changed since then.

> And on https://www.debian.org/users/ we integrate at the right side a
> simple box, where we put in newest and outstanding deployments. Attached
> you find a very simple (pdf/ libre office-)draft, how it could look. The
> background colour of the box should be the same blue as on top of the
> side behind the Debian logo.

Currently, submissions are form mails sent to the webteam's mailing list.  
Someone (usually me) adds them as time permits, i.e. it sometimes takes a long 
while.  Weeks or even months can go by without new submissions, and then 
suddenly a handful arrives within a few days.

If anything more advanced is wanted, I'd want to hand over the task of adding 
new submission.  I'd also be willing to hand over this task right now. :-)

> I know a lot of time has been spent on the website over the years. But
> anyway, I think in a longterm perspective it would make a lot of things
> much easier and faster (and "up-to-date-looking" ;-)), if the Debian
> website would be based on a CMS like Typo3 or Drupal. Maybe we should
> give this a thought ;-)?

For various reasons, in the past it has been rejected by the webteam (search 
the archive).  Notice that there are nearly 6000 pages plus many more 
translations to take care of in a transition to a different platform:


Also, you'd have to have a good system in place for tracking translations 
needing updating.  Personally, as a website translator for many years, I'd be 
very unhappy about any solution not involving a version control system.

Finally, any suggestion of drastically changing to website should come with an 
offer of doing the actual work.  In recent times, I only remember one person 
managing to pull that off (with help from the webteam), and that was "only" 
changing to the current design.  It was no small effort.  Moving to a entirely 
different platform would be a lot worse in terms of time and effort as there are 
technical requirements like e.g. the website mirrors - I'll not go further 
into that discussion.

Regards, Kaare

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