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Re: [Debconf-team] Planning the announcement of DC15's sponsorship drive

also sprach Brian Gupta <brian.gupta@brandorr.com> [2014-06-23 15:32 +0200]:
> Perhaps in Germany, but Q4 is generally ok for US companies. In
> any case, we've only really been able to kick off fundraising in
> the prior year twice before, so even if you started right after
> DC14, you'd be ahead of the curve. If DE budgets are finalized in
> stone in Q3, maybe consensus can be found to begin private
> targeted outreach to DE-only companies, before the full global
> DC15 fundraising effort kicks off?

This is the plan. We won't get in the way with DC14.

> 2) Final report. [2] - This has become expected by returning
> sponsors, as it shows where their money went. Some of our anchor
> sponsors need it to reauthorize a new round of funding.
> Technically the responsibility for this lies with the DC-N team,
> but there is precedent for DC-N+1 helping drive coordination. In
> any case, we can't finish this prior to DC-N.

Come on! Newspapers can write (and sometimes release) stories about
electoral results before the elections, so why can't we??? ;)

We're working on the sponsorship brochure and expect to be able to
circulate it within our team in July. We will pick up private leads,
but we won't start public outreach until coordination has happened.

Once we have everything in place and DC14 is "out the door", then we
hope that there won't be much delay as we need to get moving ASAP.
It might be okay in the US to target Q4, but we want to target Q3
for numerous reasons including experience with previous conferences
in Germany.

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