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Re: [Debconf-team] Planning the announcement of DC15's sponsorship drive


On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 09:32:53AM -0400, Brian Gupta wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 8:37 AM, Richard Hartmann
> <richih.mailinglist@gmail.com> wrote:
> > we already talked about this within the DC15 team, but just to make
> > sure that we are all on the same page:
> >
> > I think we should spam DPN, the -announces, reddit, friendly press
> > publications, etc once we have:
> You might run into pushback if you start this before DC14 happens.

I concur with Brian here, fundraising should not be announced via DPN,
{debconf,debian}-announce prior to DC14. Also, as cate mentioned, the
impact is unclear.

> (I know of at least one company that would probably get confused and
> drop plans to contribute to DC14, if this was kicked off prior to
> DC14.) 

Can you elaborate on this? Harmony mentioned this as well, but it is not
entirely clear to me what the issue is here.

> I would also get clear signoff from vorlon and harmoney, that they are
> ok with an unconventionally early publicity drive for DC-N+1, before
> DC-N happens. I personally will go with consensus, but my instinct
> says we can certainly start preparing prior to DC-N, but the earliest
> global fundraising/publicity should be kicked off is during or shortly
> after DC-N. This would still put you way ahead of the curve.
However, I think it should be no problem if we reach out (privately, and
with/through the sponsorship team) to non-DC14 sponsors, right?

> > * non-profit status
> > * basic sponsorship info
> Feel free to kick off a separate thread. I'd suggest kicking off an
> initial thread on debconf-sponsors-team titled something like "DC15
> tiers and benefits?" and when that team comes to consensus, kick over
> to debconf-team for "ratification".
> > * website with reasonably appealing design and sponsorship section
> Do you have volunteers to do this?

We are working on it and an initial website (and logo) is available.

> > The reason being that larger companies will most likely finish their
> > budgets for 2015 in Q3 of 2014.
> Perhaps in Germany, but Q4 is generally ok for US companies. In any
> case, we've only really been able to kick off fundraising in the prior
> year twice before, so even if you started right after DC14, you'd be
> ahead of the curve. If DE budgets are finalized in stone in Q3, maybe
> consensus can be found to begin private targeted outreach to DE-only
> companies, before the full global DC15 fundraising effort kicks off?

Yeah, I think that is fine.  I assume also companies operating in the US
as well, but are not DC14 sponsors should be OK as well?

> 1) sponsors brochure. [1] - Pretty much lays everything out, including
> tiers, and why to sponsor. This is written by the team for which the
> funds are being raised, with help and advice from Global team. The
> good news is once can largely "cargo cult" previous versions from
> repo, while adding in some local color, and updated #s.

We are working on it, but it (especially the sponsorship levels) have
not been finalized yet.  I assume we will post it for review to

> 2) Final report. [2] - This has become expected by returning sponsors,
> as it shows where their money went. Some of our anchor sponsors need
> it to reauthorize a new round of funding. Technically the
> responsibility for this lies with the DC-N team, but there is
> precedent for DC-N+1 helping drive coordination. In any case, we can't
> finish this prior to DC-N.

Right, so we would go with the DC-2N (i.e. DC13) final report for now,
until the DC14 final report is available.  Until and shortly after DC14,
no DC14 final report will be expected.
> In the past we have allowed private outreach to "new leads", before #2
> is done, but in all cases (that I am aware of) #1 was complete before
> kicking off any fundraising.  

Right, the sponsorship brochure is a hard prerequisite.

> I'll also add that it can't hurt to say to our anchor sponsors
> (especially to those we have personal contact with), "here is the
> sponsors brochure. I just wanted to get it to you so you had the
> updated sponsorship tiers for preliminary budgeting.  We'll have the
> final report soon." Please understand we shouldn't press for an answer
> until after they've gotten the final report and had a chance to review
> it.



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