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Planning the announcement of DC15's sponsorship drive

Dear all,

we already talked about this within the DC15 team, but just to make
sure that we are all on the same page:

I think we should spam DPN, the -announces, reddit, friendly press
publications, etc once we have:

* non-profit status
* basic sponsorship info
* website with reasonably appealing design and sponsorship section

The reason being that larger companies will most likely finish their
budgets for 2015 in Q3 of 2014.

Given that the first point will hopefully be done within the next two
weeks (see my mail to dc15 list), is there a somewhat reliable ETA for
the other two? Does anyone need help? Does anyone have free time and
is able to offer help?

I know both sponsorship and website are being worked on and have/will
send status reports to the dc15 list today, but we should try to add
deadlines for "good enough" for all vital parts, as well. Based on
that, we should plan for maximum exposure of the sponsorship drive.

Thanks for the hard work of all involved,

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