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Re: welcome to the publicity team Elizabeth Krumbach

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 09:27:33PM -0800, Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph wrote:
> I have been using Debian since late 2002 and have worked as a
> professionals sysadmin since 2006. I also got my first package into
> Debian in 2006 and have pitched in with small packages here and there
> ever since. I have been hosting bi-monthly Debian Dinners in San
> Francisco since I moved here in 2010. My day job is working on the
> OpenStack Infrastructure team and I'm also heavily involved with
> Ubuntu.
> Which all brings me here, where I have been lurking for quite some
> time. I'm currently the editor of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter and
> have been including the published DPN links in that since I took over
> a couple years ago. In my weekly searches for Ubuntu articles for
> inclusion in UWN I sometimes run into Debian-related articles and
> always think "I should really submit those to DPN" and then I don't
> get around to it. Spurred on by Cédric's email earlier I decided that
> I should start getting around to it now, and will contribute articles
> I find. As a native English speaker also intend to assist with
> editorial review as I have time.

Even this is far too humble of a bio. It's nothing but a complete
pleasure to see you here, Lyz!


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