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This has reference with web links included .
Bits from the Debian Med Team

Debian Medical Team < a href="https://wiki.debian.org /DebianMed"> Debian Med Team WIKI </a> has been busy continuing to develop and spread how Debian pure blends is important to the medical field. In a recent interview, Debian team members with Rajeev Nair discussed the availability of Debian in the medical field, included brief talk about how to find and install necessary packages. Unfortunately no specific release, like Debian Edu, interested users simply install meta-packages named med-*. Interview explores technical challenges to Debian Med, and ways to overcome those obstacles. < a href=http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/debian-med/trunk/community/interview/interview_r.nair-a.tille.log?view=markup";> complete article is an interesting read <a> Debian Med team completed an article about free software in medicine, historical and current progress, and future challenges. The article is well-written, and was scheduled to be published the Health Cafe journal, although was not. Currently the Debian Med team is seeking a place to publish the article, as many of the team members put forth significant work into the article. The Debian Med team is open to suggestions on where publication could capture an audience interested in medical software solutions.< a href="http://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/docs/debian-med-healthcafe.pdf"; > short informative article</a> Debian Team proudly announces success at a recent Code-fest, held in Berlin this year. Team is always interested in attracting new developers to continue the work in pushing open source software into the medical field, and many attended representing different parts of Europe and United States, including Harvard School of Public Health. <a href=" https://bcbio.wordpress.com/2013/07/18/summary-from-bioinformatics-open-science-codefest-2013-tools-infrastructure-standards-and-visualization/";> summary of result from that conference</a> Future bug squashing events are scheduled, and always Debian Med Team continues it's great work, and contributions are always welcome. DebConf 13 several topics were covered, including historical and current use of Debian, and as they relate to Debian pure blends. An interesting video is viewable at < a href="http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2013/debconf13/high/986_Why_running_a_Blend.ogv"; > video is a learning tool for Debian package management, and much more</a>. While receiving an email lately, I was directed to another project of Debian's presence in the medical field, <a href="http://neuro.debian.net/"; > a program actively using Debian and open-source software to advance medical research and education </a>.

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