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Re: New Member

Hi Carl, and welcome!
It's really nice that you decide to get more involved.

Carl J Mannino <cjmannino@gmail.com> escribió:
>I live and work in upstate NY, as a psychologist for individuals with
>Cerebral Palsy, and other mental and physical disorders. My interest in
>open-source software began as a college student, having friends
>influence me to try Linux. I have been using Debian for the last five
>plus years, and learn something new about the project everyday. Not
>being a programmer, but always wanted to contribute in some way, I
>like to help the publicity team in anyway I am able. 
>Recent email listing from Paul and Cédric influenced me to get started.
>My current challenges are learning to use SVN and Alioth, which I find
>both interesting. Now that I am learning, I hope to contribute more in
>the future. 

I'm quite new to SVN too, learning too. There are two thoughts that are helping me overcome my barriers:
* I can send to the mailing list the text of a news, and other people more experienced can integrate it in the file in Alioth via SVN. That's a way of contributing too, until I feel comfortable with SVN.

* Versioning systems allow changes to be reverted, so I can ask for help in the IRC if I get lost or do a mess. No fear, or at least, better to be connected to the IRC channel when deciding to make changes in the repository. This is more fun, too!

Hope it helps!

Laura Arjona

>Carl Mannino

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