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Re: php5-suhosin in Debian

Hi Karl,

On 2013-07-16 12:50, Karl Schmidt wrote:
Is this package dead?  It looks like the project is no longer maintained -  Last dated bit I can find on the project page is 2007

There are several bugs listed all complaining that it is uninstallable that should be merged and if this package is being abandoned it would be good to say that is the case as it provided some security.  Some kind of comment in the bugs would help.

An entry in Debian Project News as to the status of suhosin would help inform people.


before we publish an entry on Suhosin, something needs to happen. Suhosin is still in unstable. #662637 would be the place to discuss whether that should stay the case. I wouldn't call a project which still has to come to life as "dead", but I would agree that this pregnancy isn't promising. If Suhosin is unusable, I don't see why we wouldn't remove it from unstable.

Filipus Klutiero

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