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Re: Wheezy countdown banners

First off, sorry about the previous empty message; I didn't notice
that my draft hadn't saved before sending it out.

On Sun, 21 Apr 2013, Victor Nițu wrote:
> Inspired by Squeeze's countdown banners [0], I drafted some ideas in
> order to provide the same functionality for Wheezy release, and maybe
> even better.


> I used elements from Adrien's Joy theme, which is used as default in
> Wheezy, and tried really hard to not disturb the general feeling of the
> theme. I kept everything as paths in the SVG files, except the bottom
> text, which is subject to changes and is rendered with monospace, so it
> can be edited easily on almost any system.

Assuming that you are willing to license the SVG files under a
suitable free license, I would be willing to host them under
http://bugs.debian.org/bugscan/countdown/ and generate the SVG files
directly from the bugscan counts, and probably link the current
countdown from www.debian.org/Bugs/. (I don't require the scripts, but
providing them would also be nice.)

The actual day countdowns are slightly less interesting from a BTS
perspective, so I can't really say anything about them, but it
certainly looks interesting.

Don Armstrong

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