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Re: Wheezy countdown banners

On Sun, 21 Apr 2013, Victor Nițu wrote:

> Hi,
> Inspired by Squeeze's countdown banners [0], I drafted some ideas in
> order to provide the same functionality for Wheezy release, and maybe
> even better.
> [0]
> http://web.archive.org/web/20110203001606/http://news.debian.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/squeeze_countdown.png
> First of all, I created 4 different layouts for the banner [1], two
> counting the remaining RC bugs (portrait + landscape) and two counting
> the days to release (portrait + landscape).
> [1] http://debian.org.ro/uploads/wheezy-countdown/
> I used elements from Adrien's Joy theme, which is used as default in
> Wheezy, and tried really hard to not disturb the general feeling of the
> theme. I kept everything as paths in the SVG files, except the bottom
> text, which is subject to changes and is rendered with monospace, so it
> can be edited easily on almost any system.
> Together with those, I crafted a sample script to edit the numbers,
> which can be adjusted to read the new input periodically from any source
> (I can do that, if anybody gives me the right pointers). Be aware that
> the script relies on the existence of a special id attribute for the
> fields to be changed, so it will fail if they are not there. I assume
> that if further modifications will be made, one would use Inkscape too,
> so it should preserve the ID attributes and values (it was added by/with
> Inkscape in the first place).
> I tried hard to not depend on any library in the script, so instead of
> using some Perl module or anything like that, I relied solely on bash,
> sed and grep for the replacement. Hence the ID restriction, since I
> couldn't parse it as a regular XML file.
> I see the following workflow:
>  * script is adjusted to read the data from the appropriate sources
>  * script is executed by cron at some interval
>  * at every iteration, flat PNG files are generated out of the SVG
>    graphics (maybe even on different sizes?)
>  * the resulting files are uploaded to a public $location, where
>    hotlinking done on various websites using them won't be a problem
>  * website $X using this will put a src attribute pointing to $location
>    on their banners
> I encourage any feedback on the graphics, content, script or whatever.
> I uploaded the files on my GitHub account [2], and the content is
> mirrored on Gitorious [3] in order to provide a completely free
> environment too. 
> [2] https://github.com/nightsh/wheezy_countdown
> [3] https://gitorious.org/wheezy_countdown/banners
> Cheers,
> -- 
> . o .   Victor Nițu
> . . o   debian.org.ro
> o o o   nightsh @OFTC
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