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Ideas for promoting debian


I am new to debian, coming from Ubuntu. I changed because of the lack
of stability after day-to-day upgrades.

I have been into Ubuntu's qa list for long (still in there), and
thought I haven't taken much part but giving my opinion, and a pair of
more threads about d-i automated install etc., I saw that they are not
just a QA team perse.

They meet weekly for qa stuff, but they also, for example now atm are
prepairing classroom sessions to give some training to testers[1].

The main idea of saying this is not to prepare QA sessions (which
would be great), it is to introduce the idea of doing some courses.

I don't know if this has been thought about, but all the people I know
that use Ubuntu is because are scared from Debian. They think it is
not usable.

I have to partially agree with them, because installation is quite
messy, if you have propietary firmware (you have to load firmware from
usb etc.), Ubuntu installs all non-free software very easily and I
think that might be an option for noobie users.

In the same row, I think that there are two ways to take out those
demotivations. The first one is going ubuntu way (which I don't like),
and the second one is giving some short of initiation courses.

I like very much the format coursera.org has, though this is not
applicable in this case, just because assignements don't make much
sense (IMHO).

To sum up, I drop here the idea of making a series of courses (maybe
via google hangout, or maybe recorded tutos) that I am sure will make
much more on aproaching more people to this project named Debian.

I would like to hear back from you,

Javier Domingo

[1] Classroom sessions preparation:

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