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Re: Ideas for promoting debian

Your suggestions seem to be off-topic on this list, which is about
promoting Debian rather than about changing/improving Debian.

QA infrastructure is on topic on the debian-qa mailing list. QA stuff
in Debian isn't particularly organised, people just work on what they
want to work on and discuss things when they need discussing.


debian-installer development is on topic on the debian-boot mailing
list. For folks who need non-free firmware, there are already
unofficial installer images that contain non-free firmware.


Training of new people is on topic on the debian-mentors mailing list.
Training in Debian happens pretty much happens 24/7 on the
debian-mentors list and IRC channel, we mostly don't have periods of
time where people aren't available to give help. We tend to expect
people are self-motivated and able to read documentation though. When
people ask for ideas on what to work on they are asked many questions
about their interests and or given many ideas about how to help.


In Debian we tend to care about software freedom and so you will
probably not find many folks who are willing to use Google Hangouts
nor the proprietary JavaScript on Coursera. Timo Lindfors has made
some screencasts about various things. Nathan Handler recently posted
the Debian Screencast Challenge but it doesn't look like any got


On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 8:32 AM, Javier Domingo wrote:

> To sum up, I drop here the idea of making a series of courses (maybe
> via google hangout, or maybe recorded tutos) that I am sure will make
> much more on aproaching more people to this project named Debian.

Sounds like a good idea, the debian-doc mailing list would probably be
the most appropriate place to discuss that. I guess if you
created/presented an example of the kind of course you are thinking
about, that would help focus the discussion and help motivate people
to join the effort.



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