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Re: Debian events at Software Freedom Day (15th Sept)

Francesca Ciceri scrisse:

> So, my proposal is to contact the various local orga team - maybe
> there's a global orga mailing list? - and ask them to report Debian
> related talks and then, if we have at least 4-5 talks, we can write
> an specific announcement.
> What do you think?
> Any volunteers to contact them?

So I went on and sent request to the marketing- and discuss- SFD lists.
With the few responses received, the events can be summarized as:

* Brazil - Novo Hamburgo, RS
- BASH for sysadmins
- What is the Debian Project?
- ZFS: quick presentation for sysadmins.

* Italy - Quiliano, SV
- Introduction to the Debian Project

* UK - Rugby
Quoting the juicy stuff:
- Our event has a less formal structure, instead of talks we're
running a series of rolling workshops that visitors can drop in and
out of including Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Scratch
- One of our SFD2012 event partners in the UK is credativ
(credativ.co.uk / credativ.de), who employ several DDs worldwide and
who have supported all Rugby SFD events to date. We should have at
least one DD present on the day
- almost all Linux-based machines being used on the day for visitors
will be running Debian or a Debian-derived distribution (Ubuntu 12.04
for example).
- On the day we'll have a FreedomBox for visitors to check out
- Our Raspberry Pi machines will be running Raspbian and we'll be
using them to help local children and parents learn Scratch
Chris (CCed here) will be there, I'm not sure if he has something more
to add.

Ciao, Luca

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