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so mistakes happen - how to make them more unlikely (Re: Der Einfall der DebConf)


On Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012, Steffen Möller wrote:
> the "Einfall" is not a complete catastrophe, albeit unfortunate.
> Most certainly it was not meant any badly. 

Yes, but this was a news entry. News are ment to communicate things. And in 
communication it really doesn't matter that much what you say, but only what 
the other side(s) understand. (*) And as a concequence, I think the quality of 
translations is even more important for news than it is for packages.(!)

So maybe news translations should be required to be proof-read (aka "signed") 
by 2 or 3 people? And else not to be published by the publicity team?

(*) it's described well on wikipedia what the real experts say on this. and 
obviously one can see it everyday on every mailinglist ;)

> Be nice and do not "herfallen" over each other.

Thats certainly true! Equally I'm sure that no harm was intended :) (see 

And also simply because said news was way more relevant in central america, 
then over here, where the german translation mostly circulated ;-)


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