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Re: Regular DPN meetings? (Re: DPN workflow)

On Mon, Apr 02, 2012 at 04:42:28PM -0400, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> That being said, I'm skeptical about the realism / helpfulness of
> such meetings. Is it frequent that a writer gets to commit an item
> and realizes someone else just wrote it?

Not at all. It's true the contrary, sadly :)

> I wasn't aware that the DPN was written at the last minute until
> David noted it.

Yeah, it's our Friday night party: generally me, David and Cédric trying
to cook it before Saturday. We generally finish it at midnight (european
time) or later.

> What is causing this? Are we short on manpower so
> everyone waits hoping that someone else will write before? Or are
> writers just waiting as much as possible so they don't need to
> update an entry about an ongoing event? 

I can't speak for David or Cédric (even if I think that at least David's
case is similar to mine) but my "Debian" time is often quite full of
things to do. Sometimes I can manage to write a couple of paragraphs of
DPN during the week, but if I have also an announcement to do, it ends up
that I have simply not enough time to dedicate to DPN.
On the other hand (and note that this it is just a sensation, I could be
wrong) there are a lot of people who would like to contribute but they
simply don't know how to do it. Or they'd need a bit of

I know this because when I started I had no idea how to write something
in DPN (and for a not native speaker could sound really scary to write
something from scratch in English): it was just hanging around in IRC, on
the tail of Alexander and David that I learnt.
There are a lot of tasks for newbie: for instance, take care of the
"Upcoming events" section (collecting data from some specific sources I
listed here [1]), adding interesting news to the TODO list for the
current release (there's even a google alert for Debian related news,
with reports available via this mailing list [2]), write the easier
paragraph (did you notice? when we mention a Debian announcement or a
Debian update on DPN we re-use the first paragraph of the announcement
itself), etc.

The purpose of the meeting is to help tutoring newbies and better
distribute the work. 
And, btw, yes: I know for sure that there are people who want to
contributes (did you remember the call for help of the publicity team
some months ago? a *lot* of people replied).
So, I'd really like to try something new, and regular meetings are one of
the options. :)

I've also set up a first draft of todo list - still really general and
I'm not fully convinced of it, but I'm exploring possibilities - on
gobby.debian.org for the publicity team (under the Teams/Publicity dir).
If you prefer we can use gobby instead of IRC.

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