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Re: Debian joins OSI announcement ready. Please review and translate.

Hi MJ,

On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 11:59:28PM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop>
> > That was an annoying waste of my time. :-(
> I apologise.  That was uncalled for.  I was irritated by the
> if-you-want-it-fixed-you-have-rw-access mail I was replying to (like
> no-one else is busy, working to earn our keep!)

I'm sorry if it sounded rude: it wasn't intended to. I was just in a
great hurry and thougth that a concise ack would be better than nothing.

> , then I got annoyed by
> the lack of ... well anything ... on what you call the publicity
> project home page http://publicity.alioth.debian.org,

Yes. The documentation about the Publicity Team and its workflow
is on the wiki:

Maybe we can add this links to the alioth project page, I'm not sure how
we can do it, but I'll take a look.

> then going for
> help and being told that the deadline was apparently earlier today and
> the announcement had gone out but I'd not seen it because it was only
> on debian-news and not to any -announce lists....
> Well, it was a bit annoying, but I still shouldn't have snapped like
> that.

Don't worry: it happens to all of us sometimes. And not all apologise
then :)

> I just really care about debian and want to see it communicated well,
> but whenever I interact with publicity team processes, it seems to end
> up badly for all involved.  Not in a happy place.

You've already provided some reviews, and it's great (as the main editors
here are not native speakers and you all know that I speak a very
creative English ;)). If you could join us also on the drafting process,
it would be great: we always lack (wo)manpower. 


ps: we are discussing about how to improve our workflow here: 

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