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Re: "DebConf12 needs money": Double paragraph

Hi Francesca,

> first of all, let me say a big *thank you* for all your translations! I'm
> really happy to see Debian announcements and news so promptly translated
> in German too! :)

You're welcome! :o) Since I disvocered a nice program for accessing Subversion 
(kdesvn) it's fun to use it and to be as fast as the other translators.

> > [the first and the]
> > DebConf" paragraph are mostly the same).
> Hey! Nice catch! :)

Thanks :o) 

> So: any idea for re-wording of the first paragraph? (maybe -l10n-english
> people could try to improve it)

What about this:

Debian Project's annual conference DebConf is slowly coming closer. Visiting places 
around the world since 2000, this year's DebConf12 takes place in Managua, 
Nicaragua and again offers an opportunity for people inside and outside the project 
to meet in person and achieve something together.

> Thanks for your inputs!

Don't mention it.


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No need to CC me ;-)

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