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Re: "DebConf12 needs money": Double paragraph

Hi Erik,

first of all, let me say a big *thank you* for all your translations! I'm
really happy to see Debian announcements and news so promptly translated
in German too! :)

On Thu, Mar 01, 2012 at 06:40:06PM +0100, Pfannenstein Erik wrote:
> Hi all,
> while writing the translation of the "DebConf12 needs money" news, I noticed that 
> the first paragraph about DebConf occurs twice at the end of the text (a little 
> varied though, but the first and the "About DebConf" paragraph are mostly the 
> same).

Hey! Nice catch! :)

> Since the reader has already an overview on DebConf after reading the first lines, 
> how about removing the usual "About DebConf" part (and moving the web address 
> mentioned in it up to the first paragraph)?

I'd prefer to change the wording of the first paragraph, as the other
("About DebConf") is a boilerplate we always use when we talk about
So: any idea for re-wording of the first paragraph? (maybe -l10n-english
people could try to improve it)

> In Addition, what do you think of putting the web address in the "About DebConf" 
> paragraph into <a> tags, so that the reader can simply click on it to get on 
> http://debconf.org ?

Definitely right :)

Thanks for your inputs!


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