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Infographic of Debian - in other languages and evolutions


Only for your information, thanks Pierre-Yves, we have the infographic
in french[1].

I received translations for italian and german too, and in next days,
i will publish them. As was in french, they are in revision step.

About the evolution, i think in add more curiosities, like the origin
of name, debconfs, distribution of developers around the world, etc.

But in this last point, i tried to find where are the developers[2]
and  who uses Debian, and I found this page[3]. What i saw in this
last page is that it is without a update since 2003, and of DDs, have
only ~500 people, while in the brief history of debian, says ~1400.

So, i think two things:
1) is possible to do a call for all developers to revise them datas
and update the DDs map?
2) Update the page of debian users and promote this page?

This second idea haven't priority, IMHO... but the first, is necessary.


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