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Re: Proposed entry for next DPN [was: Re: Providing a dummy web server package in Debian (Removing web server dependencies from web apps)]

On 01/10/2012 06:03 AM, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> [Reply-To: set to -publicity]
> On Lu, 09 ian 12, 14:39:03, Wookey wrote:
>> And equivs is an incredicbly-useful well-kept secret (of which Debian
>> and GNU/Linux has many). Any suggestions for making it better known
>> would be good. This disucssion has no doubt helped a little.
> Hi -publicity,
> This is a proposed entry for next debian-news:
> In a message to debian-devel[1] Thomas Goirand proposed relaxing or even 
> removing some dependencies of web applications on a web server package.
I'd agree with the above *if* you add:
because most applications written in PHP depends on libapache2-mod-php5
| php5,
which *by default*, would install a web server anyway.

I never proposed that by default, a web server shouldn't be installed.
I think it should (like everyone in this thread, I guess)! :)

> This would help users wanting to install such web applications in 
> chroots, while the web server is installed only outside the chroot. 
> During the following discussions several solutions were proposed, 
> including dummy web server packages to be provided by Debian. It was 
> pointed out that such dummy packages are actually very easy to create 
> with the less known equivs[2] package.

By the way, I also think writing about equivs in the DPN is a good idea.


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