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Re: Note worthy package: XCP

On 04/01/2012 16:19, Thomas Goirand wrote:
The move Citrix did in the direction of opening XCP is rare enough so that I believe we should advertise about it. This can push other companies to do the same. I'm not 100% sure what motivated the decisions. (I may or may not have contributed to it last spring, by asking the disturbing questions at the good time on public lists.) The fast rise of OpenStack running KVM might have pushed Citrix to release XCP as packages so that Xen can continue to beat KVM in the data center. Maybe Lars (he's Citrix community manager) can talk about this better than I.
In a nutshell I have been driving this: I made a pitch to various managers that changing the distribution model of XCP and working more closely with Linux distributions is in the long-term interest of Xen.org and Citrix. It was clear to me when I started in Feb 2011 that Xen.org needed to focus more on its users: until recently Xen.org was very much a developer focused community like kernel.org. XCP distributed as an ISO was a first good move to make Xen more easily usable and start connecting to Xen users, but the ISO distribution model does not fulfill everybody's needs. With Xen support being re-introduced into the kernel and Linux distros, it just made sense to distribute XCP via distros rather than an ISO.

Choosing Debian as first distribution made sense because a) Debian has never really dropped Xen and b) it is also the parent distro for Ubuntu which is popular in Openstack land.

...dora, Ubuntu and and of course Debian. Side note: Zack, I suppose that you know that XCP is written in your loved Ocaml language (which I don't know enough)! Maybe when you're done with being a DPL, you may contribute? :)

I'd therefore dare to propose something a bit more bold of what you
propose here (although not incompatible with it): a press release along
the lines of "deploy your own clouds with Debian".
I would be quite happy to support you with a Citrix and/or Xen.org angle. But some of this would probably need to be done outside of a public list.

I would also want to be sure though that SID/Wheezy + Xen + XCP + Openstack has been tested and we know it all works. Otherwise PR will just backfire.

I'm available to draft the more "political" part of the press release.
But I'm just a casual user of private clouds, hence I'd need help from
the Xen/OpenStack people to write the more technical parts and why they

What do you think?
I am happy to help, if that helps you. I think I will be able to get a quote from Citrix' cloud CTO, from Ian Pratt and/or a few other senior staff members, if that helps you.

As an aside: I am having some Xen & Debian T-shirts and stuff made in celebration of XCP making it into Debian. Does anybody know, whether there are any constraints I need to be aware of?

P.S.: Not registered on debian-publicity@lists.debian.org : CC me

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