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Re: Note worthy package: XCP

On Tue, Jan 03, 2012 at 06:53:09AM +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> This makes 2 cloud stacks available for Debian SID and soon Wheezy, and
> makes Debian on top of cloud computing (no other distributions have XCP
> at the moment, though I'm expecting Ubuntu to import XCP for the next
> LTS, and Fedora to also use the RPMs from Citrix).

I agree this is quite an achievement, especially considering the
disappointment of Eucalyptus in Squeeze.

More generally, empowering Debian users to deploy their own clouds ---
instead of having to rely on public cloud far far away from them --- to
be very much aligned with Debian goals.

I'd therefore dare to propose something a bit more bold of what you
propose here (although not incompatible with it): a press release along
the lines of "deploy your own clouds with Debian". Some of the topics
that could fit in are:

- the availability of the 2 stacks you mention: XCP + OpenStack
- the importance of private clouds vs public cloud for users who care
  about their software freedom and privacy
- a call for testing of cloud technologies that are expected to be
  delivered as part of Wheezy

to make sense, we should wait for the involved packages to reach
testing, though.

I'm available to draft the more "political" part of the press release.
But I'm just a casual user of private clouds, hence I'd need help from
the Xen/OpenStack people to write the more technical parts and why they

What do you think?

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