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Note worthy package: XCP

Dear Publicity team,

I'm not sure how to advertize about our work, so I'm asking for help
here. I wanted to let the publicity team know that, since yesterday,
XCP, otherwise known as "XenServer" for it's non-free counter-part, has
reached SID. Please see:


This includes the following source packages: blktap, blktap-dkms,
guest-templates, xcp-eliloader, xcp-storage-managers, xcp-vncterm,
xen-api-libs, and finally xen-api itself.

I've been working on that with the guys from Citrix (Mike McClurg and
Jon Ludlam). This is the end of 6 months of work on this packaging
efforts, which included modifying the packaging of Xen itself.

I'd be happy if XCP can make it to the next edition of the DPN, in the
"note worthy packages" and pull attentions of readers to it.

The next step will be checking that XCP (otherwise known as project
Kronos) integrates well with Openstack, which 3 DDs are working on atm
(it used to be me only, then Julien Danjou and Ghe Rivero took over).

This makes 2 cloud stacks available for Debian SID and soon Wheezy, and
makes Debian on top of cloud computing (no other distributions have XCP
at the moment, though I'm expecting Ubuntu to import XCP for the next
LTS, and Fedora to also use the RPMs from Citrix).

The Debian packaging work for Openstack also needs our users attention:


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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