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Spatial data on Debian GNU/Linux

I have been using Debian GNU/Linux since the Debian GNU/Linux 3.0.
What I love about Debian is that it can be used as a file server, mail
server, database server, web server and print server. I have decided
to use debian for my spatial database using PostgreSQL/PostGIS,
GeoServer, openjump, Saga GIS, GRASS GIS, QGIS, Thuban, Tomcat/Apache
web server, Mapserver and GMT. What has assisted me in appreciating
spatial data on linux is the PostGIS in Action book I purchased from
www.amazon.com. As of today I am using Debian GNU/Linux to host my
spatial data in my office at work.

I have used other linux distributions such as Scientific Linux,
StartCom Linux, openSUSE, Fedora, ubuntu, Slackware Linux etc. None of
these I believe is like debian since it now comes on 8 DVDs.

Charles Bwalya Chisanga
Box 70232,
Ndola, Copperbelt 10101

Skype: cbchisanga
Mobile: 00260977748242; 00260955885667

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