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Re: Why aren't Debian releases being announced on Distrowatch?

On Nov 21, 2011, at 13:10, Marcelo Fiscella wrote:

> Hi,
> I was wondering why Debian releases aren't being announced on Distrowatch.
> During this year, besides the release of Squeeze on Februrary, there have been 5 more releases (Lenny 5.0.8/9 and Squeeze 6.0.1/2/3). However, the only announcement published on Distrowatch during 2011 is the one from February 6th, regarding Squeeze 6.0.
> There's also a similar situation on Freshmeat (no announcements were made during 2010, and only one has been made in 2011).
> AFAICS, publishing those announcements is part of the established procedure for new releases [1] and point releases [2].
> I realize that maybe the publicity team has too many things to handle ATM, but on the other hand I believe it would be important to make those announcements regularly.
> I'm not a member of the publicity team, and not even a regular contributor yet. But I'd be glad to help with this task if no one has the time to do it.

Seems like a good idea!



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