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Why aren't Debian releases being announced on Distrowatch?


I was wondering why Debian releases aren't being announced on Distrowatch.

During this year, besides the release of Squeeze on Februrary, there have been 5 more releases (Lenny 5.0.8/9 and Squeeze 6.0.1/2/3). However, the only announcement published on Distrowatch during 2011 is the one from February 6th, regarding Squeeze 6.0.

There's also a similar situation on Freshmeat (no announcements were made during 2010, and only one has been made in 2011).

AFAICS, publishing those announcements is part of the established procedure for new releases [1] and point releases [2].

I realize that maybe the publicity team has too many things to handle ATM, but on the other hand I believe it would be important to make those announcements regularly.

I'm not a member of the publicity team, and not even a regular contributor yet. But I'd be glad to help with this task if no one has the time to do it.

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[1] http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ReleaseTeam/ReleaseCheckList (see "After the release") [2] http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ReleaseTeam/PointReleaseCheckList (see "After the point release")

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