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Re: Debian page at Google+


On Monday 14 November 2011 23:57:16 Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> One way to make it clear is to have a short banner on the page that says
> something like "instead of Google+ you should consider using
> $free_platform for this and that reason". This way is, IMHO, better than
> not having any presence at all, because many people on those platforms
> don't know why they might be bad for their health.

Good places for this would be that short description below the name (now: "The 
Universal Operating System") or the intro on the "about me" page.

But why should "those platforms" be bad for people's health as you say?

> I understand we don't have yet decent Free replacements for Google+ (as,
> say, status.net is for twitter), so I'm not sure what the value of
> $free_platform should be in this case. Maybe we can encourage
> contributions to diaspora or simply point to stuff like the autonomo.us
> Franklin statement [1].

I am pro Diaspora, although I don't believe that Diaspora will have any meaning 
aside from decentral stuff and privacy junkies or computer geeks.

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