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Re: Debian page at Google+

On Tue, Nov 08, 2011 at 02:30:59PM +0100, Ana Guerrero wrote:
> I have created a Debian Google+ page, DISCLAIMER, this page is not meant to be 
> a Debian official one since Google+ is a non free service, but I wanted to share 
> some things about it and have some public email in Debian lists for people
> wondering about the 'officiality' of this page and others pages (this one
> is unlikely to be the only Debian page in Google+ since everybody can create 
> pages about the topics they want)

If you'd like to maintain a "Debian" page on Google+, that's fine.

(Sure, Google+ is not a free platform, but I don't think we should go as
far as actually forbidding DDs or other Debian enthusiasts to promote
Debian on such platforms.) You're a DD and that inevitably gives some
sort of "official" label to the page, but that's still fine: you are
free to do what you want to promote Debian, of course!

If others want to help, it probably makes sense to converge on a single
"Debian" page maintained by DDs rather than having tons of such pages
without knowing who is maintaining them.

Mirroring what we discussed for the unofficial "Debian" page on
Facebook, the only thing I won't like is to give the impression that
Debian, as a project, endorses Google+. Which we do not.

One way to make it clear is to have a short banner on the page that says
something like "instead of Google+ you should consider using
$free_platform for this and that reason". This way is, IMHO, better than
not having any presence at all, because many people on those platforms
don't know why they might be bad for their health.

I understand we don't have yet decent Free replacements for Google+ (as,
say, status.net is for twitter), so I'm not sure what the value of
$free_platform should be in this case. Maybe we can encourage
contributions to diaspora or simply point to stuff like the autonomo.us
Franklin statement [1].

Thanks for working on this, Ana!

[1] http://autonomo.us/2008/07/franklin-street-statement/
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