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Debian page at Google+


I have created a Debian Google+ page, DISCLAIMER, this page is not meant to be 
a Debian official one since Google+ is a non free service, but I wanted to share 
some things about it and have some public email in Debian lists for people
wondering about the 'officiality' of this page and others pages (this one
is unlikely to be the only Debian page in Google+ since everybody can create 
pages about the topics they want)

I did create the page yesterday night for the sake of testing and see the
posibilities. While there are still some things missing (like multiple admins),
I happen to like G+ and I would like to have some Debian presence there.

My first plan was to see if it was possible to have the content from
http://identi.ca/debian automatically mirrored there (as somebody else 
does with http://twitter.com/debian), alas it is still not possible.

Since there seem to be some demand there (the page has 300 followers while
writing these lines), I am planning to mirror there the stuff from identi.ca
at least. Maybe add any information I think it can be interesting
to Debian users (If you are a G+ user publishing something about Debian
that you would like to see reshared there, please tell me).


PS: BTW, the page is at

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