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Re: Fund raising advertisement on the DPN (Was: [Publicity-commits] r2683 - /dpn/en/current/index.wml)


Am 07.10.2011 15:02, schrieb Raphael Hertzog:

>> With my Publicity & Press hat on, I completely agree with David.
> I also have a publicity hat. And I know at least one other person with a
> press hat who said it would be ok to announce it on the DPN...

For completeness:  Said "person with a press hat" was me.  I'd also like
to add that Raphael really did nothing wrong.  He contacted Zack and me
(not sure if it was via private mail or via the press/leader alias) in
advance.  Zack and I agreed, that an announcement on it's own would not
be okay, but it surely would be okay for the DPN.

Based on that agreement he later he contacted me with some data, because
he didn't wanted to write it himself, but I failed due to time constraints.

So if you'd like to blame someone, blame me ;)

Best regards,

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