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Re: Debian installation disks for events


Am 31.08.2011 16:15, schrieb Luca Capello:

> I would be against including any magazine with our CDs.  Instead, I
> would prefer situations similar to the German LinuxUser magazine above:
> FTR, they produced *two* different DVD-Rom versions, one "plain" Debian
> and another one with their logo (and probably customized, Alexander
> knows better).  Only the first one was given to us.

FWIW: Yes, they had two discs.  The 32-Bit PC ECO DVDs we took, and an
other one... If I remember a double sided DVD; with one side the 64-Bit
PC DVD 1, and the other side some own content (including a live image
from a different distribution, if I recall correctly).

In theory we could have also taken the double DVD with foreign content,
but found it not suitable.  All in all we where quite lucky to get them;
and I fear unless we do releases more often, we won't have that
opportunity that often ;)

Best regards,
  Alexander, cleaning up his mail backlog

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