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Re: Problem with the @debian account on identi.ca


On Thu, 06 Oct 2011, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> since the migration to statusnet 1.0, the @debian account on identi.ca
> is unusable. When we login on the web interface, there's no input field
> to send status updates.
> When we try to send updates over the API, we get back an "HTTP Error 400:
> Bad request" (we're using feed2omb to autopost entries from some RSS feeds).

I managed to find the root cause of this problem. The account was no
longer associated to an email... I fixed this and now the field
used to type new status update is back.

I still have a problem with sending over the API but it's another
problem now. I get back an "HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error"
when I try to post this to https://identi.ca/statuses/update.xml with
the @debian credentials:

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