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Problem with the @debian account on identi.ca

[ CCing the public list of the team usually animating the @debian
  account ]
Hello Evan & Jordan,

since the migration to statusnet 1.0, the @debian account on identi.ca
is unusable. When we login on the web interface, there's no input field
to send status updates.

When we try to send updates over the API, we get back an "HTTP Error 400:
Bad request" (we're using feed2omb to autopost entries from some RSS feeds).

The @debian account is the official account of the Debian project, it has
many followers and we would really like to get this solved (and I get a
cron failure mail every 30 minutes due to the RSS->identi.ca gateway that
is failing :), cf above).

I already mailed admin@status.net but nobody answered so I hope that
using direct email will have better result.

Thank you in advance for looking into it!
Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Writer/Consultant ◈ Debian Developer

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