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Re: blog.debian.org - going forward

On Fri, Aug 05, 2011 at 12:13:26PM +0200, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
> I think we should have a lower threshold for posting. Firstly, I doubt
> we'll get a lot of posts that would somehow contradict Debian's social
> contract. I think instead most DDs would prefer to post on their own
> blogs so I don't see a huge danger in lowering the threshold for
> posts. I think an ack or two from the publicity team's or press team's
> DDs ought to be sufficient and that might be any DD on those lists.

I think we agree on this, but I don't understand in which way what
you're proposing is a lower threshold than what I was proposing. I think
that a couple of acks will be perfect as well.

Thinking about "nack" again, we can probably avoid carving them in
stone. After all, for dents we haven't ever mentioned "nack", but people
with access to the identi.ca account are generally considerate enough to
avoid denting something which has been shown as controversial on the IRC

> > I'm not sure we will ever need to have embargoed blog posts as we have
> > for press releases (after all, if it is really embargoed matter, we will
> > probably go for a proper press release rather than for a blog post,
> > right?). But in case we will need it, I think we can do with private
> > drafts on the blog platform, calling for review on this list.
> Seems to be a reasonable conclusion.


> Shouldn't it just plug in to Debian's LDAP? That may leave those of us
> who are not DDs out in the cold a bit, or forced to use another log in
> method, or included foo-guest logins in LDAP. Or perhaps those who
> want to post to Debian's blog might become a DD first? I mean, if you
> want to accept the responsibility of speaking for Debian you'd likely
> want to accept the responsibility of becoming a DD.

This will be addressed by the Oauth-based authentication mechanism I've
mentioned that, AFAIU, will be plugged into Debian's LDAP. I understand
that guest accounts will be allowed as well. Which permissions we set
for them, will be up to what the Publicity team decides to do with that.

Has anyone else comments on this proposal?  While the blog.d.o machine
is not ready yet, deciding how to use it can easily go in parallel with
its setup.

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