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Re: DebConf11 Events BoF, report!

On Tue, Aug 09, 2011 at 02:37:19AM +0200, Luca Capello wrote:
> This is the report of the Events BoF [2][3].  I am sorry for the delay,

Thanks a lot for this report!

> Then, I moved to the main topic and also my primary goal for this
> DebConf11: the Debian Events Box [17].  Taking the example from the
> GNOME project [18], booth organizers will receive a parcel with all the
> *minimal* material for the booth, i.e.:

As you know, this is something I care a lot about as well. According to
the preliminary quotes we've worked on during DebConf11, and according
to our current budget, we can afford to buy two Debian Events Box (which
would make sense: one for Europe and one for US, to begin with).

The suggestions later on in this thread to have virtual images of
various Debian setups are really nice and, as you observed, hint that we
could benefit from hw with virtualization support. Let me know as soon
as you've decided which hardware to go and I'll be happy to approve
buying the needed material. In September/October there are several
events in Europe, it would be nice to have something ready for them. If
we manage to find the right hardware, we should have enough time to have
everything ready, at least in on exemplar.

> The point which warmed the discussion was about having "uniformed"
> T-Shirts or labels for the booth staff.  The intention is to try to
> solve a common problem at various events: there is no way to identify
> the booth organizers, especially when the booth is crowded and/or
> various people not always "officially" listed are helping out.
> Different people underlined the major problem with this approach:
> categorization.  Both parties explained their pros/cons, but no final
> decision was taken, anyway and for sure this point will generate even
> more discussions in the future,

My own recalling is slightly different from the above, but matches what
you've written later on. I seem to remember that we've agreed that it
would do no harm to have the staff t-shirts in the boxes. Booth
attendants will then be free, at each event, to decide whether to use
them or not. What's important is that there will be no obligation to use
them (which is of course the sanest thing to do, given that booth will
be run by volunteers anyhow).

> With such a lot of work ahead of us, especially about restructuring the
> event pages and defining a detailed procedure for booth management, let
> me state again that anyone interested in such topics should join the
> effort.

Quite exciting times ahead of us indeed :-)

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