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Re: TuxRadar choses Debian as the best Linux distribution of 2011

Hi Martin,

On Mon, 15 Aug 2011 20:54:44 -0300, Martin Bagge / brother <martin@bagge.nu> wrote:

On Mon, 15 Aug 2011, Marcelo Fiscella wrote:

I've seen that in order to access the svn repository I need to create an Alioth account, which I did today. However, it seems that I can't check out the contents until becoming a member of at least one project.

The SVN URL listed at the publicity wiki page is for contributors.
To have anonymous access you need the anonymous access URL:

Thanks, I didn't know that. I tried checking out with the URL that you suggested and it worked.

Or use a browser and point it to

Somebody probably should clarify that at the wiki, I have not bothered to get an account yet.

I've updated the wiki page (ProjectNews/HowToContribute), adding a small subsection explaining how to access the subversion repository anonymously.


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